Thursday, April 2, 2015

Haley's Tip of the Week: Planning for the End of the Semester

Everyone loves the sound of that word after this abominable winter season. As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer it is easy to get off track. But don’t get too caught up in spring fever! There are still a few things to keep in mind as we head into the last six weeks of the school year.

 1. Class Registration
With class registration right around the corner it's time to starting planning. Make sure to log on to Spire and check your enrollment appointment time. This can be found by clicking on "main menu" and then "enrollment." It is imperative to be prepared for your appointment time not only with your first choice schedule but with many backups. Having an academic plan in place will help you achieve the most optimal schedule possible. Set up an appointment with your academic advisor before your enrollment appointment to discuss your schedule! Registration dates are as follows: Seniors March 30th Juniors April 2nd Sophomores April 6th Freshmen April 9th

2. Housing
Housing selection is also right around the corner! Make sure you have re-read and signed the Residence Hall Contract and resubmitted your Housing Profile under housing on Spire. At this point, housing appointments have been posted. This is the specific window of time where you are able to complete your room selection. Students are able to view their room selection priority by clicking on "Room Selection Priority" under "Housing" on Spire. Room selection priority is based upon how many semesters you have lived on campus. Make sure you confer with your future roommate about who has the higher priority number and who will be the group leader to insure that the selection process goes smoothly. Visit the UMass Housing Website for more info.

3. Jobs/Internships
Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash over the summer or an internship to complement your interests, now is the time to start looking. Be sure to check out the “Career Connect” link on Career Services homepage. This is a great resource that could end up connecting you to an amazing opportunity! Career services, located in 511 Goodell, also offers walk in hours and full appointments for students. these appointments are a great way to perfect your resume and land that summer job or internship.

4. Finals
 Finals may seem a world away but they are closer than you think! Start to organize and prepare a study plan. This can be extremely helpful and ease your stress when that torturous week arrives. Having a short nightly review session of material learned back in January and February will prove beneficial come May…especially on cumulative exams! Be sure to check your final exam schedule on Spire ("main menu" / "student home" / "final exam schedule") and check that no more than two finals are scheduled per day. If you have any scheduling issues, let your professors know earlier rather than later so you can both make the appropriate changes.  

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