Thursday, November 18, 2010

FINAL EXAMS . . . coming soon

OK - so we're not quite at exam week yet, but it will come up on us VERY quickly. 
Here's what you need to do right now, to make sure you're all ready.

Check SPIRE, under the Student Center tab, to find out when and where your final exams will be held. Look carefully to see if you have:
  • two exams scheduled at the same time, OR
  • three exams scheduled on the same day.
If that is the case, TAKE ACTION NOW!   Print your final exam schedule from SPIRE and take it to the Registrar's Office (in Whitmore 213) so they can figure out how to reschedule them for you.  You can click here for more information from the Registrar's Office about final exams.

Note: It's not your responsibility, as a student, to approach faculty to ask for an exam to be rescheduled.  However, you need to contact the Registrar's Office at least TWO WEEKS prior to the exams in question to ensure that they will get rescheduled. 

As most returning students will tell you, once you get back to campus after Thanksgiving, it's basically a mad rush to the end of the semester.  Taking care of business NOW will put you in a better position to do your best.  Stay tuned to the Blog for more tips on how to navigate the end of the semester.

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