Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tip of the Week with Jess and Matt (#10)

Hola. Bonjour. What’s poppin’? So before Jess and I head on off home (yes, we do have lives) for some turkey, friends, and family, we wanted to let you folks know about another course idea to keep in mind. This time we present to you….

First Year Seminars!!!

For the spring semester, UMass is offering several 1 credit pass/fail seminars. Faculty First Year Seminars offer a small classroom environment (less than 30 students) where you can discuss unique topics of interest and develop a relationship with a faculty member. If you’re an undeclared student and want to learn more about majors and campus resources, then check out the OASIS seminar sections offered by Undergraduate Advising. All of these seminars can be found on Spire by searching “UNIV” and “begins with” 197. These are a great option if you’re looking for an extra credit, and because they meet once a week, they’re so easy to add to your schedule!

So as we leave you for this upcoming holiday, remember that it is a time for family, friends, and getting up at 3 the next morning for Black Friday. So long!

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