Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Student Panel on Study Abroad or Domestic Exchange

UMass Amherst offers you a HUGE number of opportunities that can augment your academic experience.  Not only would these experiences broaden your perspective and give you the challenge and excitement of trying something new -  they would be very appealing to prospective employers and/or grad schools.

This Thursday (November 18), from 4-5:00pm, you'll have an opportunity to hear from students who have chosen to spend a semester or two AWAY from UMass Amherst.  These students have studied abroad (through the International Programs Office) or at another institution in one of 48 states of the US or Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands (through the Domestic Exchange Program). 

You will also have an opportunity to hear briefly from staff from the programs.  They will give you basic information about how to PLAN AHEAD to make sure such an experience will fit into your academic program at UMass.

Come to Goodell 604, and learn about how to broaden your horizons!

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