Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tip of the Week with Jess and Matt (#8)

Hey guys, Jess and Matt right back at you! We had to do some MAJOR recovering from all the excitement at the Majors Fair. We hope you all got a chance to visit numerous tables and ask lots and lots of questions! With November underway that means 2 things, Spire Registration for Spring and Matt’s Birthday (importance not necessarily in that order). So we strongly suggest that you….

Search for Classes!

Searching early for classes is a great way to plan out your schedule and cut down on your stress. And it’s fun. Spring classes should be available on November 4th. From the search tab you can view classes, times, and professors. If you see a class you like/want/need/adore, then add it to your shopping cart! You can tell when you select classes based on your Enrollment Appointment…not to be confused with an in-person advising appointment…in which you can see the exact date and time you can actively select classes on Spire. Take a pass/fail class, experiment with new ones, or take a faculty seminar. Here’s a Spire refresher just in case!

You ain’t cool unless you search ahead of time classes. Trust us, if you do it early, you will have sufficient time to find back-up courses in case your originals fill up. Happy Browsing!

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