Monday, September 19, 2011

Info About the Writing Center--NOW OPEN

The University Writing Center is OPEN. It is located on the lower level of the W.E.B. DuBois Library. 
Making an Appointment:  Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment online by going here and clicking on “WCOnline.”  Those visiting the Writing Center for the first time will need to register once in order to create log-in information.  After registering, students can schedule a one-hour appointment but should note that the tutorial session runs 45 minutes, leaving the tutor 15 minutes to do a bit of work after the writer leaves.  Students should come prepared with the assignment prompt, a draft (a print copy or an electronic copy), and any relevant materials.  For more information, please contact the WC via email or 413.577.1293.

A message from the WC Director, Donna LeCourt: The Writing Center is a great resource for any writer, whether struggling with a class assignment or looking for another response to his/her writing.  Every writer needs a reader.  This is a mantra in writing centers, and our tutors will respond to student writing in order to help students develop a draft, clarify an argument’s logic, gain control over sentence structure and grammar, find and own their purpose, and learn to reflect on their writing practices.  Students generally benefit from talking with writing tutors when they are asked to clarify ideas and explain why they made the writing choices that they did.  All writers—whether they love writing, struggle with writing, are mystified by writing, or all of the above—are welcome.
Fall Hours:  Sunday, 12:00-pm-6pm, Monday - Wednesday, 10am-9pm, Thursday, 10am-6pm, Friday, 10am-2pm

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