Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tip of the Week from Zoë

Welcome to the end of September! Campus is settling into the fall semester by now, and those of us at the Academic Advising Link in the library are here to help. My name is Zoë, and I'm a senior and returning peer adviser. You can always come see me or the other Link staff - Tyler and Ashley - from  4-8pm on Sunday through Thursday nights in the Learning Commons of the library (out back behind the Mac computers, by the Calipari room). We're also going to be posting TIPS OF THE WEEK to keep you thinking.

Many of you are probably wondering about how to be successful in your classes, and maybe also beginning to explore a major or two. And so, here's the...

Tip of the Week: Make connections.

Guys. Get to know your professors and teaching assistants. Go to office hours. Especially in large lectures, most of the other students aren't.

Why? Meeting your instructors is awesome, and it could also help you a lot later on. You'll need recommendations for job, internship, and scholarship applications. You might find the class challenging or see your grade slipping more than you thought, or have some sort of personal emergency. If your professors and teaching assistants know you've been working hard, they'll be more enthusiastic about helping you bounce back.

I've had the same teaching assistant for multiple classes before, so you never know when they'll pop up again in your life.

Also, think about this: missing a few discussion sections and/or lectures can really make a difference to your grade. Go to class! You're paying for it.

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