Thursday, September 1, 2011

Music for Non-Majors: Important Deadlines and Information

Are you interested in making beautiful music this year? 
Looking for information about how to participate as a non-major? 
Pay attention to these beginning of the semester deadlines!

Ensembles are available to majors and non-majors on an audition basis.  Ensembles involve a 4 to 5 hour per week time commitment in addition to performances.  You must sign up for auditions during the first week of classes.  Sign up sheets are located on various office doors in the Music Department wing of the Fine Arts Center (North Pleasant Street side).  Inquire in the Music Office, room 273 for more information and to pick up audition music.

Some classes are available to non-majors with the instructor's permission.  Attend the first class to speak with the instructor. 
Non-major applied lessons are open to students only by audition during the first week of classes and on a space-available basis (MUSIC APP 116)  If you can demonstrate a moderate proficiency in an instrument of choice (including music reading skills!) you should check with the instructors of these studios to see if spaces are available and to arrange an audition time.  You must also audition for and consequently serve in an instrumental or vocal ensemble if you are accepted for instrumental or voice lessons.  Non-majors receive one-credit, half hour per week lessons.  Most studios also have an arranged one hour per week studio class day/time and location, and this is listed for each section of MUSIC APP 116 on SPIRE.

Visit the Music Department's site to learn more specific information about Music Ensembles.

Have more questions?  Call the Music Office Staff at 413 545 2227, stop by the Fine Arts Center (FAC) room 273 or visit their website.

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