Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OASIS seminars: there's still some space available . . .

If you're NEW to UMass Amherst and you want to consider taking a 1-credit seminar to help you get settled and set you up to take full advantage of all that the University has to offer, you might want to check out one of the following:

  • UNIV 125 is designed to help first year, undeclared students make a smooth transition to college, identify programs of interest, and be successful at UMass.
  • UNIV 125, Section 8 is a variation of the traditional OASIS seminar, designed to help transfer students hit the ground running.  New transfer students, whether they be undeclared or have a major, can enroll in the course by contacting Undergraduate Advising or the course instructor.  Topics will include adjusting to UMass, maximizing utilization of resources and opportunities, exploring major (for undeclared students), ensuring timely progress to graduation, and positioning for careers/next steps.   
  • UNIV 125V is another variation on the OASIS theme, geared toward students who are veterans.  The topics covered will be similar to the topics covered in the transfer seminar, with additional information about resources and supports available for veterans.   
Click here for a little more information about the OASIS seminars.

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